Notes on a Carpet


Saturday 7 April 2018 2–6 pm (live events and video stream from 3pm)

Five Years, Unit 2B1, Boothby Road, Archway, N19 4AJ

Part home-furnishing, part-collage, Notes on a Carpet is the latest collaborative iteration of We Are Publication, a contemporary art research group based at Kingston University, London. At Five Years, a luxurious hand-tufted floor carpet stages underfoot the research concerns of the group’s current contributors. How can the mutability of textiles foster individual critical interests as collective representation? This question attempts to embed the conventions of publishing i.e.,contributors, editors, printers, alongside live aspects of performance and theatre, allowing the carpet to function as magazine, as stage, and as a record recounting the groups’ own sense of shared play and experimentation.

Performance running order:
Mind to Mind & How, 1951, Austin Osman Spare (extract) – Jonathan Allen
A Machine Chamber in 4 parts, part 1 – John Hughes
Bergman’s House – Jenna Collins
A Machine Chamber in 4 parts, part 2
Pastiche by Gareth Jones
Le Gai Savoir, 1969 Jean-Luc Godard (extract) – Jenna Collins
Your Singing Eyes and Fingers (after Elizabeth Frasers Song to The Siren, 1983)Rachel Cattle
A Machine Chamber in 4 parts, parts 3 + 4 /Lift Safety Devices, 1928 (extract)

Carpet Bodies, augmented reality app – Daniel Shanken (throughout)

Carpet constructed by Christian Newby