We Are Publication

We Are Publication is a research group based at Kingston School of Art’s Contemporary Art Research Centre which seeks to test out innovative forms of contemporary art publishing. The group consists of a fluctuating number of staff and current and past research students, brought together by a shared sense of experimentation and the possibilities inherent in collaboratively conducted research. To date the group have produced speculative publications in the form of a launch event (ICA, London, 2015), a 5 minute video (Stanley Picker Gallery, 2015), the 60 minute radio broadcast Diagram of an Hour (Resonance FM, London, 2016) and a vinyl record documenting the broadcast event (Curved Pressing, 2017). We Are Publication‘s latest project, Notes on a Carpet has taken the shape of a rug presented alongside a series of readings and performances at Five Years, London in April and at Black Tower Projects, London in June 2018. We Are Publication took part in the London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery in September 2018 and will present Notes on a Carpet at Pratt Institute, New York in February 2019.