Dekalb Gallery
Pratt Institute

200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

11-22 February 2019

We Are Publication’s latest project, We.Are.Cut.Up. emanates from the group’s recent manifesto and expands on central preoccupations around cut-up, fragmentation and modes of collective re-composition and re-assemblage. We.Are.Cut.Up. consists of a soundscape and a series of posters, both specifically conceived for the Dekalb Gallery at Pratt Institute, New York.


We.Are.Cut.Up’s iteration of We Are Publication comprises contributions by Jonathan Allen, Holly Antrum, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Ilsa Colsell, Edward Dorrian, Volker Eichelmann, Keira Greene, Bruce Haines, Felicity Hammond, John Hughes, James Irwin, Gareth Jones, Simon Josebury, Marianne Keating, John Lawrence, Bill Leslie, Anna Lucas, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, Christian Newby, Alex Pollard, Monica Rivas Velazques, Joey Ryken, Daniel Shanken, Andrea Stokes, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Matt Williams, Andy Tam, and Mandy Ure.