Andy Tam

“Global Economics” making “Global Contemporary”


Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
(Andy Warhol)

The study explores the fundamental nature of art in relation to the eco-social development of society. For some instance, Art is not only motives of pleasure and expression, but also immerses a perspective of social criticism, social awareness, and social reforms at the end. For some extents, the concept of Post Pop has been widely adopted and explained as social and artistic phenomenon in China. The economic success in China has been demonstrated as influences and social documentations from consumerism, media, and popular culture material. Finally it triggers global economics and global contemporary, and then shapes the mottos of “China as World City of Consumerism”. Art is representation of the global consumer society, and shows a sense of existence as consumption procedure (as Barbara Kruger’s (1987) art work “I shop therefore I am”) to psychological behaviour “I see therefore I am”, and reveals the very nature of instinct: art as pursuing pleasure rather than retinal pleasure.