Ilsa Colsell

Overlay: How can we use layering and obscuring as a strategy for making?

When two objects are placed together, one partially or even completely concealing the other, we make by obscuring, edit by covering over or omit by denying visual access; and as we do this we leave our trace actions behind.


As an artist my research questions what is revealed here in this moment of apprehending the composite object made in this way; how do these interrupted, seemingly discontinued fragments of visual information collide, both physically and in terms of their now combined images and attendant meanings.
Within this body of research I specifically suggest that if by refocusing our attention on the overlaid surface, and, looking beyond the severed edges that have come to dominate and historically frame the conversation around collage production, we can begin to ask how the process of overlay offers a renewed vantage point within this mode of artistic production.