John Lawrence

Through a practice located in art writing I am invested in exploring the peripheries of where meaning can be generated through language, towards asking the question ‘To what extent might ‘site of reception’ be considered as a facet of language itself?’

Framed around a speculative concept of ‘Spatial Writing’, and extending ideas around ‘Spatial Music’ as established by 20th century avant-garde composers such as Xenakis, Nono and Stockhausen, my research engages practices, forms and sites of live textual production, as well as forms of language that might resist such recuperation, in order to understand how embodied experience, spectacle and the materiality of site can affect and inform a collective reception of meaning.

Through the proposed choice of sites of-and-for the work, I aim to embrace tensions around non-instrumentalised hedonistic spectacle versus a capitalist instrumentalisation of culture, and plan to frame my research within a partial reevaluation of Adorno & Horkheimer’s ‘Enlightenment as Mass Deception’ in relation to industry and religion.