t h e H O L D

t  h  e      H O L D

Stanley Picker Gallery
26 September – 14 December 2019
Opening Wednesday, 25 September, 6 – 8.30pm

For their exhibition t  h  e      H O L D, We Are Publication will realise a series of interconnected projects expanding on the group’s central preoccupations around cut-up, fragmentation and modes of collective re-composition and assemblage.

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Photography Ellie Laycock

Gallery text:

t  h  e      H O L D is an exhibition by the artists’ group We Are Publication (WAP) featuring contributions from over 50 artists. It consists of posters, a soundscape, a hand-woven carpet, and a series of live events all set within an expansive sculptural display structure occupying the gallery space.

The poster is a key production site for WAP and provides an important working-tool for collective visual and conceptual dialogue. Contributed materials are grouped and regrouped, with salient conversations between component parts gradually taking hold. At the Stanley Picker Gallery, this process of contingent reassembling is accentuated through a multiplicity of spliced and overlapped poster material.

The exhibition’s primary structure is formed from steel decking of the type commonly used for theatrical stage and exhibition design; its modular character mirrors WAP’s own combinatory approach to artistic production. Suggestive of a schematic mountain-scape, the structure grips and scales the gallery’s own vertiginous architecture, encouraging metaphoric ascents, descents and transversal movement.

Preoccupations with mountainous landscapes are further taken up by t  h  e      H O L D’s soundscape whose indeterminate atmospheres take their cue from the secluded alpine sanatorium described by Thomas Mann in The Magic Mountain (1924). Individual sonic contributions are here re-imagined as if circulating within the spaces of a remote mountain refuge, where acoustic fragments pass and mingle via a series of rest-cures, breakfasts, luncheons and dinners, eventually to disperse in slumber.

Part home-furnishing, part-collage, a custom-made handwoven rug was central to WAP’s Notes on a Carpet project between 2017-18. The carpet itself re-alights here, as well as in the form of live-stream video documentation of one of its previous manifestations.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, t  h  e      H O L D will host a series of live events with key performances taking place on the 6th of November and the 4th of December.

contributors include: Jonathan Allen, Holly Antrum, Bill Balaskas, Sarah Bennett, George Charman, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Ilsa Colsell, Craig Cooper, Edward Dorrian, Volker Eichelmann, Abbe Fletcher, Adam Gillam, Keira Greene, Bruce Haines, Felicity Hammond, Mark Harris, Ayano Hattori, John Hughes, James Irwin, Gareth Jones, Simon Josebury, Marianne Keating, Dean Kenning, Lau Chak Kwong, John Lawrence, Bill Leslie, Anna Lucas, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, Rachel Mader, Russell Miller, Christian Newby, Louis Nixon, Tom O’Dea, Alex Pollard, Elizabeth Price, Mónica Rivas Velásquez, Joey Ryken, Daniel Shanken, Andrea Stokes, Stephen Sutcliffe, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Andy Tam, Erika Tan, Mandy Ure, Sebastian Utzni, Roman Vasseur, Mark Aerial Waller, Steven Warwick, Matt Williams.


We Are Publication: Live Event
Wednesday 6 November 6-8pm | All Welcome

We Are Publication: (Edges of) a close/d screening
Thursday 21 November 6-8.30pm | All Welcome

Further details: https://www.stanleypickergallery.org/exhibitions/we-are-publication/

Stanley Picker Gallery
Kingston School of Art, Grange Road
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QJ


Radio Broadcast WE.ARE.CUT.UP.


Broadcast on Art Licks Weekend radio station, run in partnership with TACO! and RTM.
17/10/19 8-9pm

ALW Thurs.jpg

The Art Licks Weekend is an annual festival that celebrates the activity of artist-led and non-profit project spaces across London. For its seventh year, the Art Licks Weekend (17–20 October 2019) takes on the theme of Interdependence: considering how participating projects work within a network of friendship, exchange and shared dialogue.




Dekalb Gallery
Pratt Institute

200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

11-22 February 2019

We Are Publication’s latest project, We.Are.Cut.Up. emanates from the group’s recent manifesto and expands on central preoccupations around cut-up, fragmentation and modes of collective re-composition and re-assemblage. We.Are.Cut.Up. consists of a soundscape and a series of posters, both specifically conceived for the Dekalb Gallery at Pratt Institute, New York.


We.Are.Cut.Up’s iteration of We Are Publication comprises contributions by Jonathan Allen, Holly Antrum, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Ilsa Colsell, Edward Dorrian, Volker Eichelmann, Keira Greene, Bruce Haines, Felicity Hammond, John Hughes, James Irwin, Gareth Jones, Simon Josebury, Marianne Keating, John Lawrence, Bill Leslie, Anna Lucas, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, Christian Newby, Alex Pollard, Monica Rivas Velazques, Joey Ryken, Daniel Shanken, Andrea Stokes, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Matt Williams, Andy Tam, and Mandy Ure.

We Are Publication

We Are Publication is a research group based at Kingston School of Art’s Contemporary Art Research Centre which seeks to test out innovative forms of contemporary art publishing. The group consists of a fluctuating number of staff and current and past research students, brought together by a shared sense of experimentation and the possibilities inherent in collaboratively conducted research.

The group has produced speculative publications in the form of a launch event (ICA, London, 2014), a 5-minute video (Stanley Picker Gallery, 2015), the 60-minute radio broadcast Diagram of an Hour (Resonance FM, London, 2016) and a vinyl record documenting the broadcast event (Curved Pressing, 2017). Between 2017 and 2018 We Are Publication produced Notes on a Carpet, a project that took the shape of a handmade rug. In 2018 the carpet was presented alongside a series of readings and performances at Five Years, London, Black Tower Projects, London, Focal Point Gallery’s Unit Twenty-One, Southend-on-Sea and the London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery. Earlier in 2019 We Are Publication presented the exhibition We.Are.Cut.Upat Pratt Institute, New York. The We.Are.Cut.Up soundscape has been transmitted as part of Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow in May and will feature on Art Licks Weekend radio station, run in partnership with TACO! and RTM from 17 – 20 October 2019.

We Are Publication at Twenty-One


We Are Publication took up a one-day residency at Focal Point Gallery’s Unit Twenty-One on the 17th October 2018. During this time the group produced an experimental and speculative publication; the shape and form of which was determined on the day and presented to the public between 4pm and 6pm.

17 October 2018, 4-6pm
Unit 21
Pier Approach
Western Esplanade
Southend-on-Sea SS1 2EH




London Art Book Fair

We Are Publication will be sharing a table space at the Book Fair with artist-led record label and publishing imprint Oh (John Lawrence/Mat Jenner).



We Are Publication will be presenting a new version of Notes on a Carpet featuring the Diagram of an Hour double album.

We Are Publication’s latest project, Notes on a Carpet has taken the shape of a rug presented alongside a series of readings and performances at Five Years and Black Tower Projects in April and June 2018 respectively. The  group are currently working on a presentation for Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea in October 2018 and will show Notes on a Carpet at Pratt Institute, New York in February 2019.



Notes on a Carpet


Saturday 7 April 2018 2–6 pm (live events and video stream from 3pm)

Five Years, Unit 2B1, Boothby Road, Archway, N19 4AJ

Part home-furnishing, part-collage, Notes on a Carpet is the latest collaborative iteration of We Are Publication, a contemporary art research group based at Kingston University, London. At Five Years, a luxurious hand-tufted floor carpet stages underfoot the research concerns of the group’s current contributors. How can the mutability of textiles foster individual critical interests as collective representation? This question attempts to embed the conventions of publishing i.e.,contributors, editors, printers, alongside live aspects of performance and theatre, allowing the carpet to function as magazine, as stage, and as a record recounting the groups’ own sense of shared play and experimentation.

Performance running order:
Mind to Mind & How, 1951, Austin Osman Spare (extract) – Jonathan Allen
A Machine Chamber in 4 parts, part 1 – John Hughes
Bergman’s House – Jenna Collins
A Machine Chamber in 4 parts, part 2
Pastiche by Gareth Jones
Le Gai Savoir, 1969 Jean-Luc Godard (extract) – Jenna Collins
Your Singing Eyes and Fingers (after Elizabeth Frasers Song to The Siren, 1983)Rachel Cattle
A Machine Chamber in 4 parts, parts 3 + 4 /Lift Safety Devices, 1928 (extract)

Carpet Bodies, augmented reality app – Daniel Shanken (throughout)

Carpet constructed by Christian Newby


Diagram of an Hour

 Vinyl record by We Are Publication

Launch at Cubitt’s studio 5, 6pm -8pm, 4th July 2017.
8 Angel Mews, Islington, London N1 9HH


Diagram of an Hour is a 60 minute radio broadcast first aired at 11am on the19th of June, 2015 as part of the Modulations series on Resonance 104.4 fm. Proceeding from a diagram of an hour on paper, the sound work was produced and assembled by We Are Publication, a collaboration between researchers in the Centre for Useless Splendour at Kingston University, with contributions from; Jonathan Allen, Anat Ben-David, Rachel Cattle, Lucy Coggle, Jenna  Collins, Cullinan Richards, Volker Eichelmann, Dean Kenning / Maria Yashchanka, Katie Macleod, Andrea Stokes, Stine Ljungdahl and Roman Vasseur


This record documents the broadcast in 15 minute segments as it was received in several places, as well as the final section of the original composition.

Record 1
A Side. Stream (repeat) recorded London, UK. 21/07/15 16:45:00
B Side. Stream (live) recorded Visby, Sweden, 19/06/15. 12:00:05

Record 2
A Side. Broadcast (104.4 FM) recorded London, UK. 19/06/15. 11:00:00
B Side. Master, produced and compiled London, 2015.

Recordings of broadcasts made by Jenna Collins and Andrea Stokes, compiled by Jenna Collins, cover by Daniel Shanken, supported by the Contemporary Art Research Centre, Kingston University. 2017.


Diagram of an Hour Radio Broadcast

Diagram of an Hour- Scoring, Composition, Publication

In this programme, We Are Publication, the Fine Art Research Group at Kingston University, score an hour into seventeen discrete sections of various lengths, according to a prescribed notation.

This programme was made by We Are Publication Research Group at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Kingston University London: Jonathan Allen, Anat Ben‐David, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Lucy Coogle, Volker Eichelmann, Dean Kenning, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, David Panos, Cullinan Richards, Andrea Stokes, Charlie Tweed, Roman Vasseur, Martin Westwood and Esther Windsor. Edited by Jenna Collins.

It was first broadcast on Friday 19 June 2015 as part of the first series of Modulations: Broadcasting Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, on Resonance 104.4fm.

We Are Publication video

Experiments elaborated intensive collaborative studio workshop props words object text image performance imagine the edit. We are sequence we are movement we are cut up we are reel.

01:22 extract of 05:00

A video presentation by Kingston’s Fine Art PhD research group ‘We Are Publication’ with contributions from Jonathan Allen, Anat Ben-David, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Lucy Coogle, Volker Eichelmann, Dean Kenning, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, Cullinan Richards, Andrea Stokes, Charlie Tweed, Roman Vasseur and Esther Windsor. Edited by David Panos.

Presented at the Stanley Picker Gallery Evening Salon,  November 2014, and the Institute of Contemporary Art, February 2015.

We Are Publication

Kingston’s Contemporary Art Research Centre presents an evening a series of events with publishing as it’s focus on and around publishing.

It’s hubris, hu… bris. We know about the dangers. That you might think it meaningless. That if nothing much happens you will give it up. And that if his magic trick doesn’t quite work you will feel shortchanged. She says people shouldn’t take these things for granted. She says it can exist just as well this way. We insist on serving up the scraps. We insist on second thoughts. Then we can stop and think of the other things – the emperor, the ink, the blindfold. Because it’s not supposed to end properly.

We are publication

Ex libris – Volker Eichelmann
Bookmark – Stine Ljungdalh
Torn page – Rachel Cattle
Coffee stain – Martin Westwood
Folded corner – Jonathan Allen
Marginalia – Audrey Reynolds
Crease – Anat Ben David

Organised by Rachel Cattle, Jonathan Allen and Volker Eichelmann.

Presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art, 2014.