John Hughes

At Night On The Railway I Watch Animals Appear Live On Screen

At night on the railway I watch animals appear live on screen. I watch how they are not constrained by the threat of being watched. I watch as they patrol the platforms, ballast and rails. I listen. I wait. I watch as they run, hide, re appear and vanish. I look on as the rules of everyday surveillance are broken and subverted.


By watching animals on the railway at night what can I learn about notions of control and communication in urban space? What are the affects of being under permanent surveillance? What are the consequences of being hyper-aware of this everyday monitoring?

Taking a psycho-geographical approach I am mapping a kind of London history: marking territories, drawing mis-connections, inking in vanished lores, re-drawing erased lines of history, re-discovering forgotten London literature and film. I am using combinations of writing, film and sound as a method to delineate London’s preternatural anxious state.