Completed PhD projects

Jenna Collins – ‘We Are the Road.’ 2018

Rachel Cattle – ‘I am a Stylus: Play, Erase, Replay and Overdub as Strategies for Contemporary Fine Art Practice.’ 2017

Jonathan Allen – ‘Casting for the voice of Strength || Austin Spare and the cultures of cartomancy.’ 2017

Martin Westwood – Through [sic]_[[sic]], I ask a question: how can the material fixity of embodiment and the mobility of information be performed together by practice and by theory? 2017

Anat Ben-David – ‘Composition as Alienation in Art.’ 2016

Stine Ljungdalh – ‘How can the idea of ‘the event’ be identified in European alchemy and within broader discourses of subjectivity?’ 2016

Mark Greenwood – ‘The Performing Body in the Event of Writing: ‘Lad Broke’, 20 April 2012, Camp Furnace, Liverpool.’ 2013

Emma Hart – ‘How to Do Things with Cameras.’ 2013

Susan Barnet – ‘Journeying to Eudemonia: Travel as a Creative Consideration’ 2012

Arnaud Desjardin (AHRC) – ‘The Everyday Press, an Imprint of Books by Artists.’  2012

Dan Hays – ‘Painting in the Light of Digital Photography.’ 2012

Anastasia Souliotou – ‘Art and Movement in Public Transport Networks of Contemporary Metropolises [MA by Research]’ 2012

Matthew Thompson (AHRC)– ‘Fragments from a Future Archive.’  2012

Ailbhe Ní Bhriain – ‘The Aesthetics of Exile- An Exploration of Location and Dislocation within the Image Space and its Application to Textuality and Visuality in Ireland.’  2009

John Russell – ‘Staging and the Event: Performative Strategies in Contemporary Art.’  2007