Robin Tarbet

Senior Lecturer

Robin Tarbet’s practice is concerned with the physical materiality of everyday technology, from consumer products to industrial systems. Much of his research resolves around the notion of examining the residue of technological progress and he creates physical responses to data in the form of futuristic monuments, fossil ruins and present day technological relics. Tarbet assumes the role of a curious folk scientific explorer, which leads him to dismantle, dissect, and distort everyday technologies and appliances to examine the aesthetic and conceptual properties of the built environment to the increasingly complex yet mysterious worlds within. It is with this real stuff that his own fascination with perceived reality, science fiction, illusion and the unusual effects of scale and perspective combine. As an artist he substitutes his precise lack of technical understanding with the notion of play, imagination and the potential for what could be, rather than what is.

Orange Buckets (2016)

The image is from a 9 minute film titled Orange Buckets (2016) which documents myself on site at Wylfa Nuclear Power station in Anglesey, and it is exhibited as a singe screen installation as part of the touring exhibition Power In The Land.